By its very nature, the cluster is perceived as an organization whose mission is to cooperate. Whether it is cooperation established inside the cluster or outside. Our strategy is to be useful to our members. Search for jobs, sort information and share contacts.


The Czech Marine Cluster has a wide presence in the Czech Republic and also cooperates with our ambassadors across Europe. Within the cluster, we try to support the development of internal cooperation. We target common problems in which we seek solutions together.


We actively communicate not only with our members. We create partnerships with other clusters. We collect information from public and private institutions. We rely on strong informal relationships and a 100% professional approach.

We monitor and participate in formal events, conferences and trade fairs. However, we are also firmly aware of the importance of informal meetings. We organize these meetings several times a year in order to get to know the members better, strengthen ties and establish business relationships.


We always organize meetings focused on a specific issue, which is agreed in advance by our members.

These meetings are of a smaller nature and always concern only a selected group that is interested in organizing this meeting. As a cluster, we are able to provide support staff from ministries or other organizations who may be helpful during these meetings.

The aim of these meetings is to solve the problems of our members in partial parts, so that there is the most accurate targeting of the problem.