In addition to regular members, which mainly include manufacturers of ships and ship components, we also cooperate closely with other entities.


The Plastics Cluster

It is an association of legal entities with the aim of creating a communication forum for its members – plastics processors. The main reasons for the establishment of the cluster were mainly the traditionally strong position of the plastics industry in the Zlín Region (together with the rubber industry, it represents the most powerful industrial segment of the region), but on the other hand, the lack of qualified workforce, the lack of research and development facilities for plastics processors, the need for an adequate bargaining position in the purchase of services and products and the effective promotion of the interests of the industry.

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The only magazine for boat owners and sailing fans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Every month it brings the latest information and news from the world of yachting, editorial tests of motor boats, sailboats and accessories, reports and interesting facts from yacht races and boat shows. You’ll also find engaging cruising stories, including complete information on boat charters, as well as advice and tips on boat servicing and maintenance.

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Moravian Aerospace Cluster

is an association of Czech aerospace companies and educational institutions linked by a common interest in developing a competitive aerospace industry. The cluster operates in the region of south-eastern Moravia and the centre of its activity is concentrated in Kunovice. The cluster consists of over 50 industrial companies, secondary vocational schools and technical universities. Together we strive to raise the profile of the Czech aerospace industry and develop international cooperation.

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