Clusters are the ideal environment to increase your business opportunities. Even in a landlocked country, a cluster focused on the shipping industry has great potential. Cooperation and collaboration between companies is of course essential, but there are also opportunities in cooperation with universities, secondary schools and science and technology parks. It is up to you to decide in which sector you see the right opportunity. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


There are great opportunities for small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to cooperation between companies, certain problems can be solved relatively easily. For example, they can cooperate on the transport of materials and products or share storage space. In turn, mutual cooperation and the thoughtful use of partners’ resources can benefit both parties and bring unexpected savings and new opportunities.


Here, companies are in an environment that is governed by certain rules. Members establish closer relationships with each other, which are often based on gentlemanly agreements. Such above-standard ties within the cluster can turn into close cooperation, crowned by the interconnection of the two entities. The diversity of the membership base also creates further opportunities for cooperation with multinational firms, and can also greatly strengthen the position of small companies when negotiating with authorities, government institutions and banks.


Promotional tools are essential for any company nowadays, regardless of its size. For a cluster, it is of course necessary to create and share a common identity and reputation. Proper promotion can then also attract new and beneficial members. Common printed materials and shared stands and are an excellent indicator of creating opportunities for all. It is also an invaluable opportunity for companies to be represented and promoted by the cluster where it would not be profitable for them to participate or where they do not have the time capacity.