The company focuses on modern length measuring instruments and technologies in mechanical engineering.

It has been on the marketsince 2002 as a commercial and technical company focusing on modern length measuring instruments and technologies in engineering. The company cooperates with many leading industrial companies, their production and development facilities and laboratories.

TM TECHNIK wants to introduce its customers to modern foreign technologies, so it has found partners in the UK, Germany, Italy and France and started representing them in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At the same time, the service group was expanded to provide methodical and technical support for the products supplied, preventive maintenance services and installation and repair of measuring machines, including the supply of original spare parts.

It provides specialised professional activities such as training of instrument users, calibration and metrology consultancy, and custom measurement services, both at customers’ premises and in-house. For these purposes, the company has built its own comfortable measuring centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art coordinate measuring machines for touch and non-contact measurements.

Společnost TM TECHNIK is part of a holding company that consists of companies providing products and services in the field of quality and measurement. It also includes a sheltered workshop, where we employ people with disabilities. The holding company employs more than 500 employees of various professional backgrounds.

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Tomáš Pavlík
Managing dirictor
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