Suchomel YACHTING Company

Manufacturer of custom designs and parts for sailboats.

Czech family company operating in the engineering industry. It produces products of its own design for sailing boats. Their rope components are used not only in yachting, but also in other areas such as light industry or DIY.

The products consist of plastic and metal components. The production of thermoplastic parts is an alchemy based on the many years of experience (mould design, mould making, material drying, injection pressures, temperatures, times, etc.) that they possess (see the tooling and plastics part of the familycompany Suchomel). Pressing is performed in-house (including mould making). The thermoplastic parts are made of first-class construction materials of European brands (e.g. EMS, Ticona, Solvay, Runeko or Dupont – USA). Thanks to powerful injection moulding machines (Babyplast, Italy) and continuous control of the production process, our mouldings are of high quality.