MGM COMPRO s. r. o.

Manufacturer of industrial electric power units and special electronics.

Manufacturer of industrial and specialty electronics for electric powertrains for a variety of industrial applications and related components and assemblies. The company’s own product portfolio mainly includes high-end industrial intelligent Electronic Motor Speed Controllers (PMSM, BLDC) from low to high power (3 to 450kW), Battery Management Systems including very special types, complex design/solution and manufacturing of industrial ackups and battery storage including control electronics and safety features. Of course, the realization of complex electric drive units tailored to the industrial application is also a matter of course. The product range also includes electronic contactors, a wide range of accessories (industrial connectors, display units,…) and, of course, charging systems. There is also a complete range of electric motors from low to high power (inrunner and outrunner types). The portfolio is complemented by the development of special custom electronics. MGM COMPRO also has an engineering development centre, i.e. the solutions offered include design activities, computer simulations, etc. to provide comprehensive services and customer solutions at the highest technological level.

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