Compotech s. r. o.

Manufacturer of composites, with expertise in technically advanced and shock absorbing composite beams, tubes and their joints.

We work with composite materials, from conceptual design through process development to actual production. Our production speciality is the laying and winding of fibres in the axial direction.

Our skills cover rigid and rigid composite beams and tubes – from initial consultation, through design, development, prototype production to mass production using our proprietary fibre laying technology.

We are specialists in the detailed optimization of composite elements down to the individual fibers, we can design and calculate dynamic applications i.e. specific frequency and vibration damping.
We focus mainly on industrial applications – mainly components of production machines:

  • beams for fast and light machines
  • beams for heavy metalworking machines
  • rotary shafts, spindles and tools

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Ondřej Uher
R&D Director
  • +420 602 117 503