An environment where people speak the same language and honour the values of honest work is the best path to success. The common strategy of the Czech marine cluster is the integration of marketing activities, presenting member organizations at domestic and foreign major exhibitions, ministries and embassies.


As a cluster, we manage a common profile on the most widely used social networks such as Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Instagram. Being active on social media is nowadays considered essential and very important.

Just like in real life, on social media, the first impression is the key and long-lasting one. We are working to create a trusted environment where we use our social networks as we would face-to-face.


We offer filters to our members, thanks to which the visitor can quickly navigate through the portfolio of possible services of our members. In this way, we eliminate groping and make it easier for companies to search among the products, services and activities offered within the cluster and for external cooperation opportunities.

We process the latest news within the cluster and at the same time monitor developments in the domestic and international markets in the shipping industry.

The calendar of events allows you to follow what is happening: trade fairs, educational activities and cluster manager activities.


According to members’ requirements, we can prepare joint print materials – leaflets, catalogues, banners. We want a uniform visual style and professional marketing presentation of companies.

For foreign trade fairs, events and when promoting our members, we prepare a brochure with a basic description of our members, a brief description of the cluster strategy and lists of our members’ capabilities. These are comprehensive PR materials aimed at the permanent promotion of our members.


We want to take advantage of the mass interest of our members in exhibitions and presentations at foreign and domestic trade fairs. The advantage is the shared costs and the possibility of internal cooperation between the companies involved.

We can apply for support at the MIT, MFA and other institutions.

If you are interested in presenting yourself at a particular trade fair or initiating any other event, please do not hesitate to contact us.