A few days ago, all fans and owners of MINICAT catamarans could meet again in Italy at Lake Como for the international “Fun Festival”. The event was a continuation of the previous regular weekend gatherings that took place every year, but the last two editions were forcibly interrupted due to Covid’s restrictions. Due to popular demand, this year we extended the event to 4 days and fully staffed 2 camps.

A rich program awaited all participants, including many races and games, discussions, a gala dinner, lectures by yachtswoman Laura Dekker, introduction of the new model….

The great windy weather also contributed to the overall comfort, so all participants left absolutely happy and enthusiastic.

We are very happy that he was able to promote and make visible the “Czech Marine cluster” at this event. We believe that the following years will be held in the same spirit and will continue to spread the Cluster in people’s awareness.

It’s a little step for the rest of the world, but a giant leap for the cluster. The cluster’s reputation is growing throughout the region. Thank you so much for having faith in us. We are certain that our efforts will shortly produce fruit.

At the beginning of May we attended the NCA General Assembly. The event was attended by over 50 NCA members and guests. The networking event was really good. We managed to discover a lot of common themes and interesting connections that we probably wouldn’t have expected:-)

In a word, WAU! We were there when the nearly 100 meter crumb literally slid like “butter” for the first time on the water.

On Thursday 19 May 2022, the General Assembly of the Czech Marine Cluster took place. Thank you very much to all participating members and speakers Lucie Foldynová, CzechTrade (Dagmar Matějková), Petr Tomášek. We are glad that after such a short time we can already see that our work is meaningful. We look forward to the next challenges!

we would like to invite you to the exhibition 100 Years of Zlín Design. At this exhibition you can see, among other gems, the catamaran of one of our members, namely the company MINICAT.

Come and see.

We value our members. We are happy to be able to expand our cluster in a “non-industrial” way. Even more so in the shipbuilding sector 🙂

We are extremely pleased that we are succeeding in fulfilling our cluster strategy and expanding our ranks.


“Your adventure can begin today”. Now we are part of it.

Independent Catamaran wish you a safe journey and fair winds… AHOY.